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27870 Hwy. C | Salem, MO | 65560 | Phone: 573-729-4680 | Fax: 573-729-8644

How to Contact Us

Please feel free to stop by the school at any time.  You may also send an email or call the school and leave a message for any staff member.  They will return your call or contact as soon as they can.

Our new phone system is designed to keep our staff and students safer, as well as enhance communications between the school and home.  Not only does it allow us to respond to and report any emergency situation quickly and efficiently, but teachers can also tell at a glance if and when you have left them a message.

When you call the school, you will hear a brief automated message.  If you wish to leave a message for your child's teacher or any other staff member, you may dial their extension number as soon as this message begins to play.  If you do not know the extension number, the link above will open a PDF document with the complete list.  Finally, if you need to speak to the secretary for bus pass information or any other reason, you may press "0" at any time.